Endorsements - Ciro Sannino

“ I first met Ciro at the 3D Symposium in Barcelona 2017. Ciro gave a highly informative, clear, enjoyable and passionate presentation covering a wide range of topics relevant to our industry, with a special focus on photography and lighting with V-Ray. Ciro is an accomplished public speaker and teacher and I look forward to seeing many presentations in the future. ”

Matthew Bannister

“ In my career I’ve seen many instructors and listened to thousands of presentations within the field of architectural visualization. Ciro is easily one of the best presenters and writers our industry has seen in 20 years. I am not alone in thinking this either. In a recent presentation I invited Ciro to make at a 10,000 person event, he received not only the highest score within our field, but was ranked as one of the very top speakers in the entire field of over 700 cross industry speakers. The way in which he breaks down complex concepts and makes them easily understandable is borderline genius. His live presentations are equally captivating as they are informative. Ciro has a gift of being able to explain lighting, photography and rendering in a way that is extremely easy to understand and then apply. His books and training should be required reading for every single person in this industry ”

Jeff Mottle
CEO CGarchitect.com


“ I hav

e always enjoyed Ciro’s work, passion, and ability to communicate well, all of which has made him an invaluable teacher when it comes to understanding great Architectural Visualization. I have known of Ciro’s work for many years, and I met him in person for the first time at the 3D Symposium conference in Mexico, I can say he is an excellent presenter as well and gives the listener all the right tools to better their knowledge, and get the best out of themselves. Additionally, as a V-Ray Certified Instructor, he is always making sure that his knowledge and instructions are up to date and take advantage of all the latest advancements ”

Christopher Nichols
Director of Chaos Group Labs


“ I have the opportunity to work with Ciro in multiple ways. We share stage in some conferences, I hired several Ciro´s ex-students and we have the privilege to run a short seminar in our Miami´s office. As always, it was a new discovery. I been in this industry for almost 25 years and I think that Ciro, explains the core of ArchViz in such a simple way that is easy to understand and rich for everyone. I adopted some of his lessons in our production process. I believe that for anyone who want to start ArchViz, Ciro lessons is a huge shortcut to quality and speed ”

Patricio Navarro
CEO Arx Solutions


“ I met Ciro in Mexico city while at RenderIT fest conference last year, the conference was very good and well attended. When he went up on the stage and started talking the whole room lit up, people were excited and entertained. He is by far one of the best presenters I have ever seen, he not only is good at visualization, he is a professional communicator! What I enjoyed the most was to hear him put emphasis in the very same things we value most here at Neoscape on the day to day; photography, composition, rithm, hierarchies, intent, color palette etc. All of these are superior topics to discuss and learn than render engine settings. If you want to know what is “missing” from your work, why your images are not as “good” as what you see online, well is because you have not had the chance to have someone like Ciro tell you why ”

Carlos Cristerna
Principal / Visualization director at Neoscape


“ As director of the International Festival “Mundos Digitales” I must say that the Ciro’s participation has been a wonderful experience in every way. As speaker, his presentations are the top in terms of quality and clarity, and as a teacher he has been able to perfectly capture the spirit of the festival and contribute to it with experience and know-how. In 15 years of this event, the participation of Ciro has been one of the best rated by the attendees, consisting of a professional audience and mostly used to attend events in the sector. No doubt I will try to repeat the experience of having his sympathy and professionalism in the next events ”

Manuel Mejide
Director of ‘Mundos Digitales’


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